His Smoothies Helped Save His Mom From Cancer, Now He’s Disrupting The Fitness Industry


    In 2010 Tyshawn Bryant’s mom had cancer and needed emergency surgery. The surgery was successful but the hard work was only beginning — she had to lose weight but had little mobility. Tyshawn started making green smoothies, which helped her drop 50 pounds in just 60 days. The doctors were astounded and 9 years later, she’s doing just fine. Tyshawn is still working miracles through his company, Green Regimen. Elite Protein, Bryant’s USDA Certified Organic Vegan Protein Powder and Meal Replacement shake, is challenging everything we thought we knew about health and fitness.

    Elite Protein is a revolutionary product and a must-have for those who want to improve their overall health and fitness gains. It is a plant-based, post workout and meal replacement shake. What sets Elite Protein apart from competitors? Whey protein dominates the market but in fact, it’s simply not good for you. It comes from the milk of cows and after the age of 2, isn’t truly digestible. Plant-based proteins are much healthier but generally they taste horrible and because they are not as processed, tend to be more gritty. Elite Protein is miles ahead — it is a complete protein that combines hemp and pea proteins along with a bunch of incredible SuperFoods.  It contains all the vitamins and minerals that you need as a meal replacement and post workout supplement, with a smooth, amazing taste!

    Tyshawn’s journey to entrepreneurship was not predictable. A native of Connecticut, he decided to move to Los Angeles without ever seeing the city. He had no job, phone or car when he got to LA. He needed a gig so he started working at the gym closest to his apartment. He started getting more and more into fitness and learning from trainers at the gym about nutrition. His physique eventually became so impressive that he started landing acting gigs! But everything changed when his mother called from Connecticut to inform him about her bout with cancer. As an only child he rushed back home to care for his mother. He had no way of knowing that this dark chapter would birth a company.

    As Tyshawn’s mother began to make progress, in part because of the smoothies he was making for her, people started taking notice. Friends and colleagues began asking him to make smoothies for them, also. He noticed, however, that when he added protein to the smoothies, the plant based proteins tasted horrible and were just too gritty. Tyshawn’s business mentor told him, “that’s your next product.” Elite Protein was the result of many hours of experimentation and determination — first to keep his mother in good health and second, to enhance his own health and fitness priorities. Today Elite Protein is exploding, with a customer base around the country and a product that is far ahead of its competitors.

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