This Black Entrepreneur Uses Cannabis Products To Ease Pain And Anxiety


    Cory Holmes is using the power of cannabis to help people cope with anxiety, stress and chronic pain. Cannabis plants contain numerous chemical compounds. The two most well known compounds are THC and CBD. Unlike THC — commonly used to get a “high” — CBD isn’t intoxicating and is known to help patients treat a variety of symptoms, including epilepsy and seizure disorders, pain and inflammation, PTSD and anxiety, Crohn’s Disease, multiple sclerosis and opioid withdrawal, among others. Black people have always harnessed the Earth’s power to heal and Cory Holmes is doing just that, through Holmes Organics.

    The Company

    Cory Holmes does not use marijuana and he certainly doesn’t get high — he’s an entrepreneur who uses organically produced CBD products to promote natural healing. Specifically, Holmes is on a mission to “help people cope with anxiety, stress, chronic pain and more by creating the most pure, organic and bioavailable full spectrum CBD products on the market, all at a price people can afford.” Their product offerings are not only effective but also unique. Holmes Organics produces CBD Oil, CBD Softgels, CBD Salves, CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Dog Treats

    Each product Holmes Organics creates starts with hemp grown under strict guidelines, using only 100% organic practices. Their products are safe, regulated and unsurpassed in their potency and consistency. Holmes Organics works with a third party partner to test every production run for quality and potency. This ensures that all elements of the product are consistent and pure. Each batch goes through rigorous testing in their in-house laboratory. When the batch passes, it receives a Certificate of Analysis and a Certificate of Quality Assurance that is made available to customers. Further, the company uses a second third-party lab on a monthly basis to verify and confirm the Certificates. To date, not one batch has failed to meet the company’s unprecedented testing standards

    The Man

    Cory Holmes was inspired to start Holmes Organics through a series of personal challenges. He’s very open about the fact that he suffers from stress and anxiety. Cory grew up in neighborhoods where danger was never far away. As a child he routinely heard gunshots outside of his window. He developed a reflex in those circumstances to grab his little brother and duck for cover. Cory also sustained concussions as a result of playing college football. In 2017 he was randomly shot at while driving on the interstate; the resulting trauma of that episode surfaced roughly one year later.

    Coping with all of these stressors, Cory would often find himself reliving moments of trauma. He began to research natural remedies for coping with stress and anxiety. He soon learned about the benefits of CBD and tried a few products. Cory soon learned an unpleasant truth about the CBD industry: its products rarely work. The CBD industry is highly unregulated and offers a range of poorly produced products. After trying several CBD brands on the market with little success, Cory realized that there was a need and at 29 years old decided to do something about it — Holmes Organics was born.

    Support Holmes Organics

    Holmes Organics is entirely unique, wellness centered and Black owned. In addition to competitive pricing, they have a Veterans Appreciation Program — all Veterans and active duty personnel receive a 15 percent discount for life. Cory Holmes is an exceptional entrepreneur with a clear vision to help improve the lives of people living with pain, with natural remedies. Let’s support Holmes Organics and follow them @Holmesorganics. 


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