VITAVATE™ is a New (and Delicious) Dietary Supplement Inspired by Black Women


Constantly feel tired or dealing with brain fog? There’s a certified Black and woman-owned powdered dietary supplement brand for that: VITAVATE™.

Founder Lori White launched the family-run company VITAVATE™ in August 2022 after six years in production. White, a 30-year food safety industry expert, partnered with a food technologist to perfect the formula and flavor. Their long and hard work paid off, as customers keep praising the flavor and how well the supplements work.

VITAVATE™ has three product lines, each with a different flavor and wellness purpose: ENERGY, HEART, and FOCUS.

Their best-selling product is the ENERGY dietary supplement. It contains ginseng, green tea, magnesium, and other high-quality, energy boosting ingredients. White, a busy entrepreneur herself, relies on it to get her through a hectic day of work and meetings.

FOCUS is the next best-selling supplement. It’s orange flavored and contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, and choline, which are proven to reduce brain fog and improve mental clarity.

Then, there’s HEART, which is also a customer favorite. With a lemon flavor, it’s full of heart-supporting ingredients, including Vitamin B6, magnesium, selenium, and taurine. In fact, heart disease is the number one killer for all Americans, but especially Black women. February is Heart Disease Awareness month, so now’s the perfect time to improve your heart health.

You can use any of the supplements to add a healthy boost to your water or smoothie.

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A supplement intentionally designed for Black women

VITAVATE™ owner White kept Black women in mind when she created her supplements. “It was very important to us to have something for Black women,” White said. Disheartened by the fact that nearly 50% of Black women have cardiovascular disease, she made sure to include the HEART dietary supplement in her line up of products.

In addition, the other supplements are also women-inspired, as White knows firsthand the busy lifestyle many women lead, whether they’re mothers, entrepreneurs, caregivers, or all three–something White calls the “multiple-role woman”.

Given White’s background in food safety and quality assurance, each pouch has a Quality Pledge stating that each lot is tested for efficacy and food safety.

The supplements are sold in pouches with 15 packets. Each packet can easily fit into a wallet, purse, or baby bag. Plus, they’re vegan and free of dairy and gluten.

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Exclusive Discount for the We Buy Black Family
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