Black Insurance Agencies Reclaim Billions For The Community


One word separates Black and white wealth: protection. The Black community has been robbed of trillions because the insurance industry hasn’t protected Black lives and businesses. Black-owned insurance companies are finally coming together to get ours through a dynamic collective called BLK Insurance (pronounced Black Insurance).

BLK Insurance has one mission: to protect Black wealth. This collective is our answer to a history of unprotected Black businesses, families, property and ideas. 

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Black wealth starts with Black-owned businesses, which have never been protected. In 1921, White mobs destroyed more than 150 Black owned businesses and murdered hundreds of Black people during the Tulsa Black Wall Street massacre. In the aftermath, Black businesses sought relief from insurance companies, bur had their claims denied.

It wasn’t just Tulsa. Insurance agencies have historically denied Black businesses the resources they need to build wealth. It began in 1881, when Prudential statistician Frederick L. Hoffman used faulty science to devalue Black life insurance policies. This resulted in the loss of real or potential dollars that Black families would not receive in the form of life insurance payouts.

Life insurance is one of the most critical pieces to building generational wealth. BLK Insurance is helping Black families access millions and make generational wealth a reality.

Whether you need a skilled agency to provide commercial trucking insurance or guidance on how a life insurance policy can help you make a downpayment on a home, BLK Insurance has you covered.

It’s time to reclaim that part of our history and to continue the movement to shift dollars back into our community. BLK Insurance is more than a collective, it’s a movement to protect Black wealth. 

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